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MSU football players attend a formal or prom or something

Basically just fast foward up to about 1:16 where the players commence to dancing.

So we had heard that MSU football was having some type of formal or prom or dance of some sort this past weekend. We saw pictures, understood it to be happening, but that was about it. MSU fans didn't hear much else about it. Then there's the above video released today, which yes, is quite dull, up until about the 1:16 mark. Even though it is still a small glimpse, you get a bit of footage of players dancing to the latest (latest!) hits such as the cupid shuffle (is that Nickoe Whitley?) and gangham style.

We don't know who was named king and queen, nor do we know who led the party at the moontower afterwards.

Either way, it's a way to break up an otherwise boring Monday afternoon coming off our baseball team's third series loss in a row.

h/t footballscoop