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This Davis Wade Stadium groom's cake is the standard by which all future groom's cakes will be judged

This Davis Wade groom's cake is just amazing.

Tristan Rawson (@Okrastar1)

Congratulations go out to one of my followers on Twitter, Tristan Rawson, on his nuptials that took place presumably over the weekend. I have no doubt that Tristan and his lovely bride's ceremony was just as wonderful as any other great southern wedding, but what caught my eye and what let me know that Tristan got hitched over the weekend were pictures that surfaced today of his groom's cake.

Every man that has gotten married has had one, and we all want the most manly thing we can think of donning the top of our cake. A cowbell, a picture of our hunting dog, or maybe even the MSU logo -- for those of us that cheer for the maroon and white, that is.

I once went to a wedding that featured three groom's cakes: an Auburn football, an Auburn football helmet, and a replica of Jordan-Hare Stadium itself. But the cakes I saw that weekend, even though they were impressive, fell short in comparison to what our friend Tristan had for his groom's grub over the weekend. Take a look at this edible replica of Davis Wade Stadium, which was apparently cooked up and prepared in great detail by Tristan's mom:

groom's cake

She even has the large banners up on the end of each stairway! The level of detail put into this cake is something only a mother's love mixed with pure SEC football passion could produce, and we're quite impressed. Tristan even says on Twitter that the ribbon boards light up (!!!) ! Well done, Mrs. Rawson, well done indeed.

Congrats Tristan and the new Mrs. Rawson, and to Tristan's mom, BRAVO, and a big Hail State to you mam.