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2013 Maroon-White spring football game rosters released

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See who is playing with who in tomorrow's spring game.

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Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State has released the rosters for this year's spring game, which is set to take place tomorrow at 1 p.m. at Davis Wade Stadium.

As is tradition under Mullen, the losing team in tomorrow's scrimmage will come back to the stadium on Sunday to clean.

Spring Game Rosters and Notes

Honestly, I haven't kept up much with how everyone is doing this spring, so I don't really know who to be watching or what to watch for specifically tomorrow. I do know that I'll be watching the wide receivers and defensive backfield close, although I don't know how much can really be taken away from their performances, as both will feature a great number of new faces.

Also, there's a chance that I do a spring game recap with absolutely no facts and just generalities listed on Monday. Or I may spare you all. I do know that Boobie will be there tomorrow, and I halfway hope that he runs on the field mid-scrimmage and scores a touchdown.

It could happen.