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Ten Burning Questions for Mississippi State in 2013 -- No. 8: What play or philosophy would you like to see more of out of Mississippi State in the 2013 season?

Every football fan always has an idea of what type of plays they would call if they were on the sideline. Today, the For Whom the Cowbell Tolls crew takes a stab at what they would do if they were making the call.

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The burning question for today: What play or philosophy would you like to see more of out of Mississippi State in the 2013 season?

Metal Building Dawg:

Screen pass on offense - great play for a guy like Perkins. I'd like to see the defense get aggressive with LB and safety blitz, keep corners in coverage, even if it means we give up some big plays.


[with regards to defense] Pressure, definitely. State was something like 99th in sacks in the country last year, so I'd love to see that number go up. More than anything I'd just like to see some aggressive, and less drop everyone and let a talented SEC QB pick us apart like what happened at times last year. We should get that from Collins this year, and I'm looking forward to it.


I'd like to see the offense stick to the ground-and-pound when it's working. I think Mullen gets too cute from time to time when we seem to be running the ball well. There's no need to spread the field with five-wide sets when you're eating up five or six yards at a time on the ground. As a friend of mine says all the time: "Run the football. Stop the run. Win the ballgame."


I would love to see the screen pass, or really, any type of pass out in the flat used more by the offense. I think it could mix up a defense, and it gives Perkins another way to get the ball in space. Defensively, Mississippi State needs to ratchet up the pressure. Does this mean leaving defensive backs on island at times? Yes it does, but there is a defensive backs coach in Deshae Townsend that played in the same type of coverage in Pittsburgh, so he can help coach up the players for the situation