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Stock Watch -- Oklahoma State

After MSU's season opening 21-3 loss to Oklahoma State, here's who we're buying, and here's who we're selling.

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Stock Watch

Stock to Buy

The MSU Defense: I expected there to be a difference in last year's defense and this year's, but I didn't realize we'd see the results so soon. In the first half, the MSU defense stood up, holding an offense that averaged nearly 46 points a game last year to 7 points. If State could have figured out pitch priority on OSU's diamond formation once J.W. Walsh entered the game, then they may have even been able to keep the Cowboys from that touchdown. The D did wear down in the second half, as the offense simply could not stay on the field to give them a substantive break. Overall though, a much improved effort from what we saw last season. Work is still needed in defending the option game, but the positives are there in limiting the Cowboys to 21 points.

Stock to Sell

3rd Down/Red Zone Offense: The story of the game was lack of execution, mental mistakes, and playcalling that ultimately all worked to kill drives on Saturday. In the end, State was 2 for 16 on third down conversions. You can't do that and win a game. The Bulldogs came out strong, running the ball with authority and methodically passing their way down the field in a hurry. But the drive would ultimately only lead to three points, and it would all be down hill from there. If State is going to win these big games, they are going to have to find a way to keep from killing themselves with mental mistakes, and find a way to come up with the big third down, and GET IN THE ENDZONE.

Bonus: Newspaper headlines to Sell

Cowboys shoot holes in Bulldog offense, win 21-3

Bulldogs offense bites in 21-3 loss

Gundy: he's a man, even when his team doesn't score 40 in a win

Colt Chelf finds happy place in Saturday Cowboy win