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Mississippi State 45, Kentucky 31: Who was the player of the game?

It's time to select a player of the game from MSU-Kentucky, although this vote may be a landslide.

Andy Lyons

We've been trying to do a player of the game vote after every game this season, but there was always bound to be one or two games where the player stood out profoundly.  Yesterday's game was likely that game, as MSU running back Josh Robinson ran the ball 23 times for 198 yards and two touchdowns to lead the way for #1 Mississippi State.  Despite that effort really sticking out, we shall continue on with the democratic process of a vote, and we'll let you, the reader, ultimately decide for yourselves who the player of the game was.

Here are your candidates:

Josh Robinson

Josh finished the day with 23 carries for 198 yards and two touchdowns, including four or five WOW runs, and one very clutch 73-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter to push MSU's lead back out to 14.  It's worth going back and watching the replay just to see a few of his runs and to verify that they were, in fact, real.

Dak Prescott

It was far from Dak's best day, but he did end the game with a respectable set of numbers.  Dak ended up rushing for 88 yards and two touchdowns while throwing for 216 yards and touchdown.  Again, it wasn't his best game, but Dak did come up big in a few spots where MSU needed him.

Fred Ross

No receiver really stood out on Saturday, but it was nice to see Fred Ross getting some targets.  Fred made the most of them too, as he caught five passes for 51 yards.  Both Freds played well, and they helped State do just enough through the air to survive and advance.

Christian Holmes

Christian finished the day with five tackles and a tackle for loss, but his biggest play was without a doubt the game-clinching onside kick return for a touchdown with just over two minutes to play.  In a spot where MSU could have opened the door for a UK tie or win, they slammed the door instead, which is what you expect from a #1 team.

Beniquez Brown

Beniquez does not get nearly the attention that he deserves.  Brown is the QB of the defense, and if you watch him prior to every snap he's calling out run/pass.  He came up big again on Saturday against the Wildcats as he led the Bulldogs in tackles with eight, including a half of a sack.

Kaleb Eulls

Another guy who has played under the radar this year, Kaleb Eulls made his name known on Saturday.  Eulls came up with two HUGE sacks to help lead MSU to seven sacks on the day.

Alright, get to voting folks.