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Mississippi State 48, Texas A&M 31: Bulldog player of the game

There are LOTS of good candidates for player of the game from yesterday's 48-31 throttling of Texas A&M.

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Josh Robinson, RB

Robinson was his usual self, racking up 107 yards rushing (72 of which came in the first quarter) and punching in two touchdowns to lead the ground attack for MSU.  Coming into the year, MSU's backfield was a big question mark, but Robinson has separated himself as not only the starter for MSU, but as one of the best in the SEC.

Dak Prescott, QB

Let's all collectively make our "shocked" face that this name is here, right?  All Dak did on what has become a normal day for him was rack up 259 yards through the air and 77 yards on the ground while accounting for five Bulldog TDs.  What's even more impressive is the numbers you DON'T see in his stat line, like a lot of incompletions (only had six) and no interceptions.  Not only is Dak leading an explosive offense and playing great football, but he's playing mistake free football, which has helped MSU in its two blowout wins in the past three weeks.

Ben Beckwith, C

Severely underrated performance by Mr. Beckwith on a day where everything went right.  MSU was facing a top-10 team without its starting center, but a passerby wouldn't have known that watching on Saturday, as Beckwith handled the offense perfectly.  It sucks that his job almost went unnoticed BECAUSE he did so good, but we see you big guy.  Great game.

De'Runnya Wilson, WR

On a day where Mississippi State was without Jameon Lewis, we knew the Bulldogs would have to get solid showings from its other wideouts to be able to stretch the field.  That happened Saturday, and De'Runnya Wilson was a big reason why.  In years previous, MSU has lacked a legitimate down-field threat, but not this year.  Bear has the size and hands needed to give MSU the prototypical #1 WR that a good football team needs.  He had four catches, 72 yards and a touchdown on Saturday.

Fred Brown, WR

Fred Brown was a breakout star earlier in the year at the spring game, and we're starting to see why.  Fred made a fantastic play to go get a Dak pass and then spin and run it in for a 51-yard touchdown late in the third quarter.  Brown, Fred Ross, Jamoral Graham, Bear Wilson, and Gabe Myles all stepped up today when they needed to.  MSU was able to be balanced because of those guys, and Fred was a big part of that.

This referee

Richie Brown, LB

Christmas may not be for another two months, but it came early for one good bearded boy on Saturday.  Brown was able to pick off Kenny Hill not once, not twice, but three times yesterday, matching Hill's season total.  Brown got one as a gift, but the other two were good plays by him, as he was able to flip the field for MSU on several occasions.  Richie has played lights out in MSU's last two wins, and he is part of an MSU LB corps that has impressed BIG TIME this year. Finished with three tackles and three INTs.

Will Redmond, CB

The MSU secondary faced a huge challenge on Saturday, and overall they answered the bell nicely.  Sure, A&M had some drops, but I thought the secondary defended well against one of the best passing offenses in college football.  Will finished with 10 tackles and one tackle for loss.

Benardrick McKinney, LB

We talked more about Richie because of the three INTs, but the defensive leader McKinney had himself another quiet, nice day.  Benardick finished with nine tackles and a sack.

AJ Jefferson, DL

We have to give a big guy some love, don't we?  The d-line played very well on Saturday, and Jefferson led the charge with a 1.5 sacks and three total tackles.  None of the numbers stuck out for the guys up front when it was said and done, but they really got after Hill in the second half, forcing those INTs and keeping him rattled on the road.

So, who did we miss?  Let us know who and why in the comments

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