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Maroon Weather Forecast: Mississippi State vs. UT-Martin

We're looking at some crisp weather as UT-Martin flies to Mississippi State!

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

A crisp, fall day will be the name of the game as the Skyhawks of UT-Martin fly into Starkville. Tailgaters need to bundle up in the morning hours, as frost will be on the ground until about 8:30 AM.

The morning will be on the chillier end as we're going to have a cold wind coming from the north and quickly switching directions to warm up the Golden Triangle by late morning.

Noon will be the warmest part of the day when the high temperature will be around 62°, right before a cold front pushes through campus. As we get closer to game time, the winds will get colder and force the temperature to feel as if it's in the lower 40s. The Homecoming Queen may have to hold onto her tiara.

The sun will be moving toward the west and setting during the game, so the glare will be bright if you're sitting on that side of the stadium; sunglasses will be necessary. After the sun goes down in the third quarter, layers and a hat will keep y'all warm as it goes down. It will be about 40° and will feel colder because of the winds at the end of the game around 7 PM.