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2014 MSU football review: Offensive MVP not named Dak or Josh

We took some time to look back at a memorable 2014 Mississippi State football season as the end of the year nears. Today's task posed to our contributors as well as you, the reader, is "Give me one player from the offense not named Dak or Josh Robinson that you thought made a difference for this team."

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Give me one player from the offense not named Dak or Josh Robinson that you thought made a difference for this team?

How can I not go with Ben Beckwith? The fact that the guy went from being a walk on to a starter in the SEC says all you need to know. But not only was he a starter, he had so good of a season that he received All-SEC and All-American honors. The interior of the offensive line dominated in the big wins this season, and Beckwith was a big reason why. The offensive line as a whole made the difference for the offense this year. They don't have a lot of star power, but they are experienced and played well enough to give us a chance to win every single game. -

My Starkville bias makes me want to say Gabe Myles, but De'Runnya Wilson was a true difference maker at wide receiver. -

De'Runnya Wilson. Consistently solid play. Made some great (and timely) catches all season long, and did so even without Jameon Lewis to divert attention from opposing secondaries. Dude is a beast, and I'm stoked to see what he can do next year. -

Prescott and Robinson got most of the publicity and fairly so, but there were several players on offense that deserved a ton of credit this season. De'Runnya Wilson proved that he can be the game-changing receiver that the Bulldogs have so often lacked in Starkville. He had the tremendous touchdown catch to open the scoring against Auburn, and on many of Robinson's runs, Bear was the man making huge blocks downfield.

Sticking with the receivers, Fred Ross proved to be clutch and a great security blanket for Prescott. How many times did Ross make a great play in the scramble drill this year. His touchdown against Arkansas instantly springs to mind. The thought of what these two guys will do next year is exciting.

However, if one guy deserves more talk and credit than he got this year, and that is Ben Beckwith. Beckwith was the glue that held the offensive line together, and he turned in an All-American season. Without his consistency on the line, much of the Bulldogs' offensive success may not have happened. -

Ben Beckwith. The offensive line is often overlooked but MSU's running attack would not have been as dynamic as it was without great play from its o-line and Ben Beckwith was the leader the unit. On top of his top-notch play, he's a great kid with a great attitude. And he didn't go unrecognized this year either, as he was named a third team AP All-American. -

This one is tough. There are several worthy candidates. But since I'm forced to pick just one, I'm going with Fred Ross. He made big play after big play down the stretch and became one of Dak's favorite targets. He's got a good blend of size and speed. What stuck out to me was his knack for getting open on the extended improv plays and getting into Dak's line of sight. That's an element our offense has been missing just about as long as I can remember. I'm really excited about Ross going forward. - 

I'll go with De'Runnya Wilson, just because of his cool name. No, I just remember the beginning of the LSU game and his touchdown catch that put us up 7-0. Then the 44 yard catch that put us in first and goal and eventually put us up 14-0, it was the game that changed the season for Mississippi State in the eyes of the media, and he was a critical part of that. After having to sit out the Vanderbilt game he came out for the Egg Bowl with a big game against Ole Miss, hauling in 117 yards. -

Echoing others, there were so many good candidates for this, however I have to go with Ben Beckwith.  Ben defines what drove this team to success: a talented player who was under the radar coming in but that developed into an All-SEC talent.  He was a consistent part of MSU's running and passing game from the first snap of the season, and let's not forget that he moved over to center for the A&M game and didn't miss a beat in the place of Dillon Day.  De'Runnya, Fred, Malcolm, Gabe: there were a lot of worthy candidates.  However, I'm going with the big guy. -