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2014 MSU football review: What was your most satisfying win this year?

Our sixth forum discussion point as we wrap up this year is this: "What was your most satisfying win this year?"

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What was your most satisfying win this year?

I'm leaning towards the Auburn win. It proved the last two weeks were not a fluke, and it propelled Mississippi State to the No. 1 ranking. It was the biggest home game in the biggest home atmosphere in Bulldog history, and Mississippi State answered the challenge. -

LSU in Death Valley. It was such a triumph after losing to LSU for so many years. To do it on the night when they set the attendance record for Tiger stadium in front of an incredibly hostile crowd and to crush them like we did was so, so satisfying. -

LSU. This one isn't close. Snapping a decade-plus long losing streak and doing it in their back yard. Not only did they beat us during that streak, they essentially dominated us. Humiliated us many times, particularly during the Croom Error. Of our 10 wins, that one is by far the sweetest for me personally. - 

Auburn. At the time the Tigers were one of the hottest teams in the country and were ranked #2 in the nation. It was a big game on a big stage that was billed as the game that would prove which team had what it takes to go all the way. It was most satisfying for me though because anytime you beat up on a team that is fresh off a national championship game appearance, it feels like more validation of just how good you are. -

It's Auburn without a doubt. There's just something about the way that they barely beat us every year that irks me. Not only that, but they were the luckiest team in college football there for a while. That's why none of us were comfortable with a 21-0 lead. I knew if we could win that game, we would be #1. The stadium was louder than I've ever heard it. It was pouring down rain and half the student section had their shirts off jumping up and down. They didn't care because everyone knew we were about to be the #1 team in the country. There's not a more satisfying feeling. I'll never be able to forget that game. -

LSU. It was awesome to see that losing streak finally end. -

The Auburn and A&M wins were both great, but, as I mentioned before, embarrassing LSU in a night game in Baton Rouge was about as good as it gets. -

Has to be LSU.  I would say Texas A&M just because of what they did to us two years ago in Starkville, but it's LSU for me.  After nearly a decade and a half of frustration due to small and then sometimes very large losses, the streak was over. It was as if all those years of frustration melted away in one night of dominating performances by Dak and company.  What a night, and despite the late surge by LSU, what an unbelievable performance and win by the Bulldogs. -