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2014 MSU football review: What frustrated you the most this season?

As we wrap up the 2014 MSU football season, we pose the question: "what frustrated you the most about State's season?"

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What frustrated you the most?

The horrible tackling against Ole Miss was beyond frustrating. A breakdown in doing what you are supposed to do on the field cost Mississippi State that game. The opening of the Alabama game was frustrating and was the clock management late in the game, but it was on the road against a great team. Ole Miss, while a good team, should not have defeated Mississippi State they way they did. Much of that happened because the Bulldogs had poor execution on the field. -

Dan's play calling in the Alabama and Ole Miss games. He constantly called conservative plays and screwed up some crucial clock-management decisions in both games. It was disappointing but the ten other convincing wins he had this year more than made up for it. -

Two things have frustrated me in particular: Our awful Special Teams and the re-emergence of "bend but don't break" on D. I've ranted about special teams so much that I'm sick of it. But I'm going to keep ranting in hopes that at some point we'll actually fix it. Sobiesk improved the FG kicking this year, but still had a couple of bad misses and missed XPs. Our PR & KR units are among the worst in the nation and have been for at least 2 seasons now. Yet we still keep putting the same guys back there and still keep running the same schemes. If I could mandate one thing this offseason, it would be that Dan move Sallach off the field to an administrative position and use his spot to hire a TRUE ST coach. The idea of Knox as "ST Coordinator" this year was a joke from the beginning. - 

The Alabama game, it felt like MSU was so close the entire game, yet the game was always just out of reach. Silly turnovers and mistakes killed our chances, but there was no game I felt more frustrated about. -

Two things frustrated me the most: play calling in the 2 losses and the 1A/1B defense. It's easy to blame play calling when you lose a game, but if you watch those games, play calling really did kill us. How many times can you keep running Dak up the middle when it wasn't working? The 1A/1B idea on defense was about the craziest thing I've ever seen. Collins would leave the 2nd string in and let the opposing team march all the way down the field and then put the starters back in to try and prevent a score. There was a stat Mullen gave at some point in the season. It was something like 65% of the yards given up were by the 1B defense, in half as many reps as the 1A defense. I understand you want to build depth, but at what cost? The best players should be on the field, period. -

Everything about the Egg Bowl. The stale play calling, the missed tackles. It may be decades before MSU is that close to a national championship game again, and the opportunity was wasted on a poor performance. Life goes on, but that was a brutal way to end the regular season. -

Other than our defensive implosion in Oxford (and our sad big-play defense in general), it'd have be our inability to sustain our stellar running game late in the season. Against the best defensive fronts we faced, our rushing attack became stagnant, and the staff seemed unable to adjust what we were doing on the fly. I don't know how much of this was due to the quality of our offensive line relative to the fronts they were facing, and how much was a result of the way our staff chose to use Robinson and Prescott in those games. But whatever it was, it was more than annoying. -

10-2 was a great year and I truly am impressed and satisfied by the season accomplishments, but the way we lost those two games still frustrates me.  Against Alabama, State came out scared, and they never really played like the team they really were until it was too late.  Against Ole Miss, we never felt prepared.  It was the 2012 Egg Bowl all over again as we came out flat and never adjusted our playcalling or game plan for Ole Miss.  Hats off to both Alabama and Ole Miss, too; their play in those games obviously helped their causes in winning those contests as well.  But I can't help but feel that in both games, State shot itself in the foot, or at least didn't help themselves in games where they needed to be near flawless to win.

Echoing others, the playcalling in both those games was quite baffling.  After Dan had called such a great game against LSU, he turned around and truly befuddled most of us with the constant Dak-up-the-middle calls.  I get that they were trying to establish the power run game, but even in our big wins early in the year we didn't run that play that much.  Overall I was really confused with out gameplan in those contests. -