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Mississippi State's football conference schedule through 2025 announced

Along with the rest of the SEC, MSU today learned who it will be playing and where for the next 10+ years of conference play.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you, SEC.  It's like you knew we had some down time before the baseball tournament starts tomorrow and we were looking for something to talk about.  For those of you who may have missed it, the SEC offices released today the full conference football schedule through the 2025 season.  The release includes information for each team on who which permanent opponents (division foes + permanent rival) they will play home and away each year, as well as who the alternating cross divisional matchup will be with for the next twelves seasons.  Here's how things shake out for MSU:

MISSISSIPPI STATE - 2014 vs. Vanderbilt; 2015 at Missouri; 2016 vs. South Carolina; 2017 at Georgia; 2018 vs. Florida; 2019 at Tennessee; 2020 vs. Missouri; 2021 at Vanderbilt; 2022 vs. Georgia; 2023 at South Carolina; 2024 vs. Tennessee; 2025 at Florida.
(Permanent opponents in 2014: Home - Arkansas, Auburn, Texas A&M; Away - Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Kentucky. Sites alternate home and away through 2025.)

Now, since we love you all so much, we decided to list out what MSU's conference schedule will look like for the next twelve seasons (also because we are totally planning out or 2020 roadtrips).  The conference slate looks as so:

MSU's SEC Conference Schedule, 2014-2025
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
Arkansas @Ark Ark @Ark Ark @Ark Ark @Ark Ark @Ark Ark @Ark
Auburn @Aub Aub @Aub Aub @Aub Aub @Aub Aub @Aub Aub @Aub
Texas A&M @A&M A&M @A&M A&M @A&M A&M @A&M A&M @A&M A&M @A&M
@Alabama Bama @Bama Bama @Bama Bama @Bama Bama @Bama Bama @Bama Bama
@Kentucky UK @UK UK @UK UK @UK UK @UK UK @UK UK
Vanderbilt @Mizzou S. Car @UGA Fla @UT Mizzou @Vandy UGA @SC UT @UF

So yeah, that's a lot to take in.  Let's make note of everything we see here:

  • The core seven conference games have not changed - State still plays Arkansas, Auburn and A&M home/away in the same year while playing Bama, LSU, Ole Miss and Kentucky the opposite that season.  Rotating conference games have been aligned so that MSU won't have more than four conference road games in a single season.
  • Missouri makes its first appearance on MSU's schedule as State goes to Columbia in 2015.  The two teams would not play again though until 2020.
  • State won't play Florida again until 2018, which will be nine seasons since the last meeting which MSU won in the Swamp in 2010.
  • Georgia won't travel to Starkville again until 2022. They last played at Davis Wade in 2010.
  • I hope you got your fill of The Swamp in 2010, because State won't play there again until 2025, when even all you young whipper-snapper college sophomores will be old men too.
  • If you fill in 2015's schedule with non-conference matchups based on what we already know, State will play at least five road games, including a trip to Southern Miss (Troy, Louisiana Tech at home).  2016 is the same with a road game at Louisiana Tech (South Alabama, Tulane at home).
  • Now that we know what State's schedule looks like for the next dozen years, it will be interesting to see who and where a "Power Conference" non-conference matchup fits into this schedule.  Another road game in 2015 or 16 would mean State would play six games at home in that season.

It's suuuuppppeeeer early on this, but here are the three games that I'm most looking forward to (in no particular order):

1. 2015 at Missouri - That will be the first time the Bulldogs and Tigers have played as conference rivals, and its in a state most of us aren't familiar with outside of passing through to go to Omaha.  Really hoping I can make that trip.

2. 2016 vs. South Carolina - This one is cheating, but I'm more looking forward to this entire season's worth of home games.  With South Carolina on the list with Arkansas, Auburn and A&M, there's a potential to have four pretty good home conference games in one year.

3. 2025 at Texas A&M - I don't know, I just figured by then Kyle Field will be 200,000 fans stacked on top of each other.

So, what does everyone think about the conference schedule for the next twelve years?