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You have $15 to build the best All-Time MSU football offense

The "you have $__ to assemble ____" has been all over social media lately, so we decided to join in on the fun since it's summer and very boring sports-wise right now.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

At some point earlier this year, the "you have $__ to assemble ____" posts and pictures became a big thing across the internet.  Essentially, the purpose is to assemble some the best of something - best rock band members, best football players, best potato chips and flavors - and then rank them with $5 being the best and $1 being the lowest.  Then a reader is allowed a certain amount of money to assemble what they would consider the best of that group, with financial limitations keeping them from just getting all $5.

With this trend in mind, and with summer boredom fully setting in, we decided to create one of these exercises with an MSU-centric flavor, just for you all.  We'll start with building the best all-time MSU offense, and if you guys and gals enjoy it enough, we'll try defense later on in the summer.  We could even go through baseball and basketball as well if this becomes something that readers enjoy, or we very well may stop at this post.

How It Works

You, the reader, have $15 to spend.  from the list of five positions below - QB, RB, WR, All-Purpose, and Coach - assemble what you think is the "best all-time MSU offense".  With the monetary limitations you won't be able to choose all $5 players, so make sure you choose wisely.  Post your teams, who you think was erroneously left off, and who should be ranked higher or lower in the comments section.

Have fun, and Hail State!

$15 to build the best All-Time MSU offense

Cost Name Accomplishments Cost Name Accomplishments
$5 Don Smith
MSU's all-time points scored leader with 318, 4th all-time
in passing yardage (5,229 yards), 5th in rushing yardage (2,280 yards), 52 TDs (31 pass, 21 rush) for career.
$5 Anthony Dixon All-time leading rusher in school history (3,994 yards), rushing TDs (42), 100 yard games (17), and TDs by a RB (46).  Also holds records for attempts in a season (287), yardage in a season (1,391), yards per game (126.5), and highest single game rushing yards (252 yards).
$4 Jackie Parker
7th all time in TDs scored (15 pass, 24 rush) in just two seasons, 6th all time in total scoring (kicked 41 PATs in 1952-53 as well), Record holder for most points scored in single season (120), 2nd all-time for single season rushing TDs (16)
$4 Jerious Norwood 2nd in school history (3,212 yards) in career rushing yardage, 13 - 100 yard rushing games, 247 yards was single game high until 2009.
$3 Wayne Madkin
All-time completions leader (462), All-time passing yardage leader (6,336 yards), 41 TDs (34 pass, 7 rush) is 4th best all-time.
$3 J.J. Johnson 2,452 yards (6th all-time) in just two seasons, all-time career leader in yards per game average (106.6), 2nd all-time in single season yards (1,383)
$2 John Bond
5th all-time in passing yardage (4,621 yards) and 4th all-time in rushing (2,280 yards), 2nd all-time to Don Smith in total offense (6,901 yards), 3rd in TDs responsible for (42)
$2 Walter Packer 2nd all-time in career all-purpose yardage (4,169 yards), 9th in career rushing touchdowns, 3rd all time in career rushing yardage (2,820 yards), 12 - 100 yard rushing games in career.
$1 Tyler Russell
3rd all-time in career passing yardage (5,441 yards), 1st all-time in career TD passes, 1st all-time in single-season passing yards (2,897 yards), 1st all time in single-season passing TDs (24) $1 Michael Davis 3rd in career rushing touchdowns (27), record holder for attempts in a single game (40), 10 - 100 yard rushing games in career, 2,721 rushing yards for career is 4th all-time.


Cost Name Accomplishments Cost Name Accomplishments
$5 Eric Moulds 2nd all-time in TD receptions with 17, 4th all-time in yardage (2,022 yards), 6th all-time in receptions (118), highest single game receiving yards (183), most receptions in single game (15), averaged 23 yards per touch in 1994 season.
$5 Tom "Shorty"
Led MSU in passing (772 yards, 7 TDs), rushing (1,061 yards, 6 TDs), punting (36 yard avg), and punt returns (326 yards, 1 TD) in 1947-48. Holds record for all-time return TDs with 5.
$4 Chad Bumphis 1st all-time in career receiving yardage (2,270 yards), 1st all-time in career TD receptions (24), 7 - 100 yard receiving games, career leader for consecutive games with a reception (30), 2nd all-time in career receptions (159). $4 Dicenzo Miller 9th all-time in career all-purpose yardage (3,464 yards), 9th in career rushing yardage (2,209) despite splitting time with Dontae Walker. 10 - 100 yard rushing games, 4th highest single-season all-purpose yardage (1,513 yards), most consecutive 100-yard rushing games (6).
$3 Justin Jenkins
Record holder for consecutive games with a TD catch, 4th all-time in career receiving with 1,974 yards, 6 - 100 yard receiving games. $3 Derek Pegues 1st all-time in kickoff return yardage (2,498 yards) and kickoff returns (112).  2 punt return TDs in career, 3 INT return TDs in career.
$2 Mardye McDole 1st all-time in single season receiving yardage (1,035), the only MSU WR all-time to break 1,000 yards. 5 - 100 yard receiving games in a single season is 1st all-time, 2nd all-time in career receiving yardage (2,214 yards).
$2 Vick Ballard
2nd all-time in career rushing touchdowns (29) in just two seasons, 10th all-time in career rushing yardage (2,157 yards), 10 - 100 yard rushing games, 7th all-time in single-season all-purpose yardage (1,376 yards), T-1st all-time in season scoring (120 points), 1st all-time in single season rushing touchdowns (20).
$1 David Smith All-time leader in single season receptions (74), 2nd all-time in single season receiving yardage (987 yards), 3rd all-time in career receiving yardage (2,168 yards), 7th in career TD receptions (12).
$1 Tony James 1st all-time in returns (199) and punt return yardage (1,332 yards), 3 career punt return TDs.

Cost Name Accomplishments

$5 Allyn McKeen .764 winning percentage all-time (65 wins, 19 losses), zero seasons with losing record at MSU, led Bulldogs to Orange Bowl win in 1940, SEC Championship in 1941
$4 Jackie Sherrill MSU's all-time winningest coach (75 wins, 75 losses), led MSU to six bowls in 13 seasons, SEC West championship in 1998
$3 Dan Mullen 4th all-time in total wins at MSU (36), has led MSU to four consecutive bowl games, the longest such streak in school history.
$2 Ralph Sasse .656 winning percentage (20 wins, 10 losses) in three seasons, led MSU to Orange Bowl in 1936
$1 W.D. Chadwick 29-12-2 in just five seasons coaching Mississippi A&M College from 1909-1913, led the Aggies to first ever bowl game in school history (Bacardi Bowl),