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South Alabama is REALLY excited to be hosting Mississippi State in football this fall

They even went all MSU and got a billboard and everything.

Braden Bishop (@tbradenbishop)

If you've looked at Mississippi State's schedule for the upcoming football season then you may have done a double take when you saw this line:

Sat, Sep 13 South Alabama Mobile, AL
3:00 p.m.

That's no misprint; MSU is set to travel to the new FBS football program's home stadium in Mobile to tangle with the Jaguars in the third week of the 2014 season.  Of course, some fans have complained, although I personally don't have an issue with it.  MSU has done this before (see Louisiana Tech in 2008ahhhh and Troy in more recent years) - a home-and-home to save money instead of just paying a team to come to Starkville.  So while the reaction for most MSU fans is probably "meh, not a far trip, and we should win" at best, the reaction is much different in Mobile.

As you can see from the header picture, South Alabama is PUMPED to be hosting State at their stadium this fall.  And why wouldn't they be - they'll have virtually nothing to lose and everything to gain in trying to play spoiler for MSU's season.  Plus they'll invite in an SEC program for what I'd assume is the first time ever, something that they will certainly use to boost recruiting as much as possible and build excitement around the program in what is sure to be a big crowd turnout.

As far as the billboard itself goes, it's very short and to the point.  And if you called them on a technicality, it's also incorrect, because we're still very far from September 13th (sadly).  Also, unless the game is literally being played on the billboard or directly under it, they could get tagged for misleading information as well.  Well done by their marketing department, though, on using MSU's prime advertising tactics against them.  A very savvy move, indeed.