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SEC Network to air 63 "classic" games leading up to season; Four MSU games included

To kick off the awesomeness, the SEC Network will air 63 "classic" Games in the first two weeks of its existence leading up to the 2014 season.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like we've been waiting forever for the SEC Network to launch since the league announced it ages ago.  Now that most (looking at you, DirecTV) major cable and satellite providers are going to carry the network, all we're waiting on is for football season to start so that we can really enjoy the full depth of SEC football that the network promises to provide.  Well it turns out now we won't have to wait until August 30th to enjoy good SEC football on the SEC Network.

The network, which officially launches August 15, will carry 63 classic games in its first two weeks leading up to the season-opening weekend.  The program schedule for the SEC Network calls the games "classics", which they are, only they are all more recent memorable matchups.  There aren't any games before the late 2000s, even though an early release said the network would air games dating as far back as the 60s.  Those could be coming later, just not in this grouping of games.

Of the 63 that will be shown, four MSU games made the cut.  They are:

2010 Georgia at Mississippi State (MSU 24, UGA 12) - Mon. 8/18 (1 a.m. ET)
2009 Ole Miss at Mississippi State (MSU 41, MISS 27) - Mon. 8/18 (3 a.m. ET)
2013 Ole Miss at Mississippi State (MSU 17, MISS 10) - Mon. 8/18 (5 a.m. ET)
2011 Gator Bowl - Mississippi State vs. Michigan (MSU 52, MICH 14) - Mon. 8/18 (7 a.m. ET)

While there are certainly others that could have been included, I think that's a pretty good selection of recent MSU wins to get to relive on the brand new flagship network for college football's greatest conference.  Especially that last one: A game that I still can't believe we won in the fashion that we did.  You all remember it I'm sure, but in case you don't, check out the highlights below to prepare for August 18th.