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Mississippi State's players dressed up for the annual "midnight lift" and didn't disappoint

Mississippi State wrapped up summer weights with the annual midnight lift, and the pictures from this year are excellent.

Mississippi State wrapped up its summer workout sessions on Thursday night with the annual "Midnight Lift."  Other than the fact that it likely takes place near the midnight hour, I really don't know much about what the players do at this midnight lift.  My best assumption, though, is that a final, grueling workout before fall camp starts, and to keep things a bit light the coaches let the players dress up.  Basically, it's "hey you guys have worked your butts off this summer so let's do it one more time but this time y'all can Halloween it up." And Halloween it up the players did, with some pretty good costume choices.  Let's take a look.

I'm not sure what these outfits are, other than maybe Tina Turner first from the left there.

It's really tough to say whose costume is better here.  While Viking is a classic look, it's tough to beat a strongman suit.  He even has the handlebar mustache!  Winner, strongman suit.

The special teams gang decided to go villain this year with the Globogym Purple Cobras outfits from Dodgeball.

Gerri Green may be a freshman, but he midnight lifts like a senior.  There is no beating the king of pop.  Now I just hope that after he finished a set of squats he moonwalked to the water fountain.

[Gabe Myles' mouth moves extremely fast on screen, the audio catches up seconds later] "It is time for you to die.  But first, midnight lift".

What would a set of wacky pictures be without the lead team goof, Dillon Day, making an appearance.  And MSU's starting center does not disappoint with the Stone Cold look.  BOUT TO OPEN UP A CAN ON A BENCH PRESS.

MSU's QBs star in Point Break 2, which is sponsored by Dickies. [EDIT TO ADD: This is The Purge, apparently, which I did not know.  Midnight lift: were all crime is illegal except not finishing a rep]

Here you've got Gerri Green again as Mr. Thriller himself, then Aeris Williams as a homeless man and J.T. Gray as a Roman Gladiator.

State's DBs check in as apparent cartel muscle.  It's safe to say these guys are in way better physical shape than Pablo Escobar ever was.

And there you have it.  The players dressed up, they apparently also did a bunch of lift exercises, and assuming no one is lying unconscious in the Oktibbeha County Hospital from a Stone Cold Stunner, the guys are now shifting into fall camp mode.  Football season is one day closer, people.  Prepare yourselves.