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Some fantastic aerial night shots of renovated Davis Wade Stadium

These aerial shots, via Shane at Strange Brew Coffeehouse, are pretty awesome.

We're just hours away from being under one week to go until the start of the 2014 season, and construction workers continue to put in long hours to ensure that the new renovations and north endzone are completed at Davis Wade Stadium.  We've seen a ton of pictures of the progress in recent weeks that certainly excite us all for the upcoming season, but these posted by Shane from Strange Brew on Instagram are some of the coolest I've seen yet.

Shane got some great aerial footage -- I'm assuming from a drone -- of Davis Wade at night.  The shots provide some pretty unique views of the new stadium, and honestly get me even more excited for the night games to come under the lights in the newly expanded DWS.  Check them out.

Additionally, Shane posted this cool, short video clip set to Drake's "Started from the bottom" of the drone rising above the west side of the stadium (and the new glowing MSU logo).

A big thanks to Shane for sharing these.  Anybody ready for next Saturday?

Hail State

[via Strange Brew Coffehouse on Instagram]