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A look at the new Davis Wade Stadium north endzone a week before the 2014 season

Thanks to the MSU Bulldog Club, we've had over 1,000 photos to chronicle the progress of the new north endzone at Davis Wade Stadium from 2012 until this weekend. Let's take a look at things one week before the start of the 2014 season.

We're just under two hours and seven days now from the start of the 2014 Mississippi State football season, and the construction efforts at Davis Wade seem to be rounding into form. AD Scott Stricklin as well as dozens of other school officials and lucky fans have tweeted and shared tons of pictures over the last week that seem to indicate that the final touches are being put on what will undoubtedly be a gamechanging addition to Davis Wade Stadium come August 30th. I think we also need to tip our cap to the MSU Bulldog Club for their efforts in sharing photos of the construction throughout the process: from start to finish. It's really cool to go back to the beginning of their archives and see how far the stadium -- and more specifially, the north endzone -- has come over the course of two seasons. We're hours away from being inside of one week of realizing and experiencing the new Davis Wade, and this set of pictures should only get you more excited.

Hail State

BONUS: This shot provided by Scott of the new lighted northwest entrance gate was too great not to share. Very nice!

[all photos courtesy of Mississippi State University | MSU Bulldog Club]