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5 .GIFs to get you ready for the 2014 season: #4 - Dak goes for 75 against Bowling Green

We're now under a week until the 2014 football season, so let's get EVEN MORE hyped up with some .GIFs of great plays from 2013.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It seemed as though MSU had its share of uninspiring performances in 2013, and the game against Bowling Green in mid-October was definitely one of them.  The Bulldogs jumped out to a 14-3 lead in the second quarter, but the Bulldogs could never put the Falcons away.  At halftime the score would tally 21-13, and that would be all that State would score on the evening.  MSU would ultimately hang on for a 21-20 win, and it was one of those games where you were just happy to come out alive and on top.  Despite the somewhat blah performance that night, there were a few highlights on the evening, including a big Dak Prescott scamper in the first quarter that helped State crawl out of a 7-3 slugfest:

Dak Prescott 75 yard touchdown Bowling Green

That 75 yarder came with about five minutes remaining in the first quarter, and it pushed MSU out to a 14-3 lead.  Prescott's legs would wind up being the main offensive generator for State on the night, as he went for 139 and 2 TDs total.  Even though we're all hopeful to see more plays like the one above from Dak this year, we do also hope that the offense can provide a little more of a balanced attack with him as the full-time starter going in.

Six days.

Hail State!