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Community Projections: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

What do you think we'll see on Saturday?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow is the sandwich game in a three game home stretch for Mississippi State that's been tucked neatly between tough conference road tests in College Station and Columbia.  MSU finds itself pitted against a familiar foe in Louisiana Tech, and one that has been a thorn in the maroon and white Bulldogs' side on more than one occasion?  Can Manny Diaz best his former team and help push MSU to 5-2 on the year?  Here are my projections for tomorrow, then you give me yours.

Best Case Scenario: MSU is aggressive much like last week, and comes out early and gets on top of Tech.  On the flip side, Manny Diaz's defense attacks instead of reacts, and is able to fluster Tech into one or two first half turnovers.  What was thought by some to be a possibly close game is anything but, as MSU cruises to a Troy-esque 40ish to 17ish win at home.

Worst Case Scenario: Remember that Dak had the stomach flu last week?  Well in this scenario, we find out that it wasn't the stomach flu, but an agent introduced into his body several weeks ago by covert operatives under the direction of one Nicolas Saban.  Saban, not wanting to take any chances after his team put itself back into the playoff race with a win at Georgia, carried out the op on Prescott with the ultimate end game of him being out for the mid-November show down.  Turns out, the contractor Saban hired to mix the agent was a company run by Houston Nutt, so naturally, the agent didn't work as intended.  Instead, Prescott falls ill for the Louisiana Tech game three weeks ahead of schedule, and the Tech Bulldogs take advantage, confusing the young backup MSU QBs into multiple turnovers.  MSU's running game, which was not infected with the agent, still acts as if it too had been poisoned, and is rendered ineffective.  State ultimately loses to Tech 16-10, and Houston Nutt's company, Heppin' U Chemical, never gets another contract with Saban's task force again.

Bold Prediction: We see one of these from Dak:

Dak Prescott 75 yard touchdown Bowling Green