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Mississippi State 42, Kentucky 16: Dak and Dogs absolutely dominate

A dominant day by Dak Prescott powers MSU to a big win over Kentucky on blackout night.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago, MSU survived by its bootstraps against a scrappy Kentucky team at home.  Last year, State needed a Turtle Holmes onside kick return for a touchdown to push the game back out to two scores late and seal a shaky road win.  As a matter of fact, the majority of the Kentucky-MSU games that I can recall off the top of my head have been back-and-forth, sometimes ugly, but always closely-contested affairs.

Tonight was none of those.

In front of a blackout crowd at Davis Wade, Dak Prescott had what may have been his best game ever, passing for just under 350 yards and three touchdowns while adding 117 yards AND ANOTHER THREE SCORES on the ground to power MSU to a 42-16 win over the Kentucky Wildcats.  The offense faced virtually no threat from Kentucky's defense all night, as 10 guys caught a ball from Dak and the offense rolled up nearly 600 yards total.  Let's hit a few high points, then you can get the meaty, informative stuff from War Machine Dawg tomorrow.

  1. The blackout looked great on TV.  I've been critical (sometimes overly) about the oversaturation of these types of efforts this year, but tonight looked great on TV.  And so did the uniforms.  Except for, you know, GIANT SENTIENT MSTATE PANTS LOGO.
  2. State is now 6-2 on the year, so I'd say we're far enough into the season to state that Manny Diaz is just gonna take a few drives to get things figured out.  I don't know why, but he is.  Tonight was more of the same on that front.
  3. The good news is that once they adjusted, the defense played well.  One thing that really stood out was the forced turnovers.  State had been lacking in that department all year, yet forced three interceptions tonight and had a pick-six called back due to penalty.
  4. Hey, we used Brandon Holloway correctly tonight!  Seriously, just get the guy the ball in open space and let him do his thing.  Great game by him.
  5. Fred Ross is a lefty, and throws a helluva spiral.
  6. De'Runnya Wilson and Donald Gray got fed tonight, which is how this offense should run.  Gray has emerged as a really good counterpunch to Bear.  And that's not mentioning Ross and Fred Brown.  It's a weird feeling to be deep at WR as an MSU fan.
  7. Please don't ever graduate, Dakota Prescott.  The man cemented his place in Bulldog history in October of 2014, but this season (albeit more quietly) and especially tonight, he has really made his mark and place on Mississippi State history.  I never like making these statements because my view of MSU football history is limited to a few decades and not the entirety, but Prescott has to be one of the best if not the best ever.  The great thing about tonight is that if felt truly like a Dak night.  He ran AND he passed.  You got all of the elements from last year as well as those from his improvements in the passing game this year, all rolled into one.  Tonight is what Dak is capable of at all times, so it was nice to see it come out in a spot where it was needed and before a critical stretch to end the regular season.
  8. MSU gets a much needed bye week now before a decisive final stretch of @ Missouri, Alabama at home, @ Arkansas, and Ole Miss at home.  Enjoy it guys, and congrats!  We're (at least Independence or maybe Music City) bowl eligible!