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Let's talk about how bad this defensive formation for Kentucky was on Saturday

Dak had a touchdown here before the ball was even snapped.

To quote Brad Pitt in Seven, Kentucky: "What's in the box? What's in the box? (answer, this time: no one)
To quote Brad Pitt in Seven, Kentucky: "What's in the box? What's in the box? (answer, this time: no one)

If you watched Kentucky play Auburn two weekends ago, you might know about their ill-advised eight man punt receiving formation (and also how Auburn still punted to that for some reason?).  If you watched them play Mississippi State Saturday night, then you also know they had similar issues lining up on defense, nearly all night.

One of the times when that shined the brightest was late in the first half on a second down from the 20 when Kentucky faced a Mississippi State five-wide formation like this:

If you're keeping up at home, kids, that's SIX Kentucky defenders for four MSU wide receivers.  That leaves a DB on the other side on a De'Runnya, a safety, and three men TOTAL -- all defensive linemen -- in the box.  For a quarterback like Dak with running skills, that's like Christmas morning and your parents got you everything you wanted.

As you see when the play progresses, State blocks all three down linemen, and the remaining two offensive linemen move upfield to block the safety and the linebacker who realized a bit too late that he wasn't supposed to be one of the six split wide to start the play.

Since Dak moves left, the most important block becomes the one of the safety.  Once that's sealed, He's unabated to paydirt.  Meanwhile, at the top of the formation De'Runnya Wilson completely takes his guy out of the play.  We talk so much about his receiving abilities, but the guy can run block like a dang fullback when he wants to.

To emulate 75% of the posts you see on Facebook these days: "YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT".

(Dak scores, MSU wins big)

Vine via @smartfootball