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A bar called Cowbell in Charlotte can't figure out why so many Mississippi State fans are flocking there

A bar called Cowbell in Charlotte; fans who adore the musical instrument in town for the week. Who could have seen this coming?

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Some birds fly south for the winter.  Some older people do, too.  There are just some migrations that come naturally in this life, which is why you shouldn't be surprised when I tell you where Mississippi State fans have flocked to in Charlotte, NC this week.

A self-proclaimed "burger and whiskey bar" called Cowbell in downtown Charlotte has become overrun with maroon and white State fans this week, and it apparently surprised them a bit:

To be fair, cowbells and Mississippi State aren't synonymous to everyone outside of the state of Mississippi, but with a bowl game just down the street, you'd think they might want to check Google to see what type of crowd they'd have this week.  In such a technologically-advanced day in age as this where ESPN still can't get MSU and Ole Miss straight, we'll let you slide, Cowbell Burger and Whiskey Bar.

(PS - I've seen a lot of people say it's really good food, so go check them out if you're up for the game)