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2012-13 FWtCT Bracketology: Update #1

Three weeks into the college hoops season = time to update the bracket.


It's early in the season, but there have already been some fantastic college basketball games. It's always cool to see who's as good as advertised (Louisville), better than you thought (Duke), or totally over-hyped (Memphis).

LOVE TO HATE. I'm not sure how so I could ever overlook a Coach K team, but I did. The Blue Devils have already knocked off five projected NCAA Tournament teams, including #3 Kentucky and #2 Louisville. That's good enough to bump Duke up to a 1-seed from a 4-seed.

TOO SOON, BRAH. TOO SOON. In my initial bracket projection, I went a little crazy for the Atlantic 10. I still think it's a really good league. Just not good enough for six bids at this point. St. Louis (no Majerus) and UMass (no worthy wins) are on the outside looking in.

NOTABLE LEAPS: OK STATE (6-seed, up from 11), Colorado (6-seed, previously out), Wichita St. enters the bracket as an 11-seed.

BIGGEST FALLS: Three of my initial 8-seeds dropped out of the bracket (St. Louis, Miami, and Texas). Also, Memphis dropped from a 6-seed to an 11-seed.

(teams in bold are conference champions/auto bids)

Last 4 IN: St. Mary's, California, Colorado St., Iowa

First 4 OUT: Ole Miss, St. Louis, UMass, Miami

Breakdown by Seeds:

Bids by Conference:

Next update: Monday, December 10th.