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Junction Journal: TROY

Race for your spot, pop the tent, and fire up the grill. It's Junction time.

Welcome to the Junction,
We've got drunken games
You can do anything you want,
but the alumni will complain.

The Dawg Walk isn't hard to find,

but that's not the case for your keys.
If Dan Mullen gives you money,
Bracky will report with ease.



Watch out for that



BEVERAGE OF CHOICE. If you paid more than $8 for that sixer, leave it at home. This is Troy, gentlemen, and the name of the game is survival. Busch Light gets the nod this week because our taste buds haven't cared since the end of the Auburn game, and oh yeah it's just Troy. The 4.1% ABV is just enough to keep us buzzed but not drunk enough to believe that Tennessee/Florida is the greatest rivalry in the South. That title belongs to Troy vs. UAB, also known as the "Just Name it After the Town Bowl."

DISH OF THE WEEK. This game doesn't start at Noon? Whatever. Sonic breakfast burritos can and will go the distance. Remember that time a bag of them survived an entire trip and back to Athens before finding its way into your stomach before your 8 am class on Monday? That wasn't so bad. Also, your mom left you a tray of deviled eggs to add to the spread. So, EGGS ON EGGS ON EGGS.

CELEBURRITOS. By the time we have feasted on tots, eggs, and tortillas and nursed a handful of Busch Light tall boys, the party will have kicked up Level-III style. Kevin Fant will be tossing bags like it's the 2003 Egg Bowl and Bart Hyche will use flaming rolls of toilet paper to recreate his basketball toss from the 1996 SEC Tournament final vs Kentucky. No need to worry about any tailgate fires breaking out since Metal Building Dawg is in full-on flame patrol and willing to sacrifice any and all of his Blue Moons to make sure the inferno is contained to Hyche and his date's hair.