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Ross Mitchell leaving MSU baseball team to pursue rap career

Shocking news out of Starkville this morning as Ross Mitchell announces that he will leave baseball to pursue his budding rap career full-time.

Bench Mobb music video

It looks like the latest great pitcher in a long line of them for Mississippi State baseball may be hanging up the glove a bit sooner than expected.

Ross Mitchell has left the MSU baseball team to pursue a career as a rapper, a source close to the team tells For Whom the Cowbell Tolls this morning.  Mitchell, who goes by the stage name "Slim Hossy", entered the rap scene last year with his debut single, "Bench Mobb" ft. Big Chunky and Easy E. The song climbed to #1 on Starkville's Most Requested, and was a springboard for Mitchell's career in the booth spitting lyrics.

"It's really always been a dream for me - rapping, that is", Mitchell told a group of reporters as he donned a mink fur coat outside the Dudy Noble Field home locker room.  "Will I miss baseball? Sure I will.  But what I can bring to the rap game... well I decided it can't wait anymore.  The world needs to hear my flow."

Rumors have begun surfacing that Slim Hossy is being courted by all of the major rap labels - Def Jam, Bad Boy Records, Cash Money, and Whitey P Entertainment.  It's unclear at this time who he will ultimately sign with, but he's definitely the most sought after commodity in the rap game since Jay-Z.  As for the MSU pitching staff, John Cohen told reporters that Jacob Lindgren, who was rumored at one point to be leaving with Mitchell to form a group, will move into the starting rotation in place of Mitchell.

"I riggity realize that this is a triggity tremendous opportunity for me, ya feel me," Lindgren said on his move back to the starting rotation after Ross' departure. "I'ma be let the world see can't get me strike three no 2B big chunky goin nine like John Smoltzy."

When reached for comment on this story, Slim Hossy confirmed to FWtCT that his first single will drop this summer and will be called "Toss me out da Dug", featuring T. Pain-Porter and Candyman.

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