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Local man gearing up for big day shaming teenagers over their college decisions tomorrow

364 days of preparation have led to a big day of shaming teenagers online for one local man.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow is a huge day in the life of thousands of teenagers as football players from coast to coast sign national letters of intent with the schools of their choosing.  But tomorrow is also a big day for Blue Springs native Tom Dinnhoffer, as he prepares to shame every recruit who didn't sign with his beloved ESU Timberwolves.

"It's all about training and conditioning," Tom told a group of reporters Tuesday that were gathered outside his unassuming Blue Springs home.  "You can't just berate this kids on National Signing Day out of nowhere.  You've gotta start by trying to be their friend."  According to Tom, men like him across the country put in hours of work tweeting and messaging recruits in an attempt to persuade them to come to their school of choice. "I mean, take a former jock like me.  Sure, it's been thirty years since I could run a gash or fit into my uniform, but I'm still the best one to give advice to these kids on where to go."

Sometimes, though, his efforts aren't enough to convince that prized blue chip recruit to come to ESU, and that's when Tom says he has to take things down a darker path.  "It's not something I WANT to do, but I feels I gotta.  They need to know that if they go elsewhere, they're making a horrible mistake, and I along with the rest of my online friends are gonna hate them forever.  It toughens them up; makes them men."

When I asked Tom for specific details on what he'll share with recruits tomorrow who choose other schools, he didn't want to reveal too much at the risk of ruining the surprise.  But he did share tidbits of what he plans to doll out which include the phrases: "won't qualify"; "didn't have a commitable offer anyway"; "lack of character"; and "your new school is about to get the death penalty.  enjoy that".

For NSD Action News, this has been cristilmethod, good day everyone.