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Bully commits to Alabama over hometown Mississippi State, Butler, others

The hometown product stunned the country tonight by spurning MSU and selecting the Tide.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State fans already reeling from the big recruiting news earlier today have simply been left speechless tonight. On the heels of a big recruiting miss, MSU now learns tonight that blue chip mascot Bully, a long time State lean, has committed to Alabama tonight.

Releasing a statement on Twitter through his handler, Bully thanked MSU for its hospitality but said he ultimately picked Alabama because of the recruiting efforts put in by its coaches. Sources close to the situation said MSU Coach Dan Mullen had been mailing it in on Bully's recruitment for weeks, looking at his phone during walks and skipping out on belly rubs. Bully was on a lot of rides with Mullen, but those sources say he rarely if ever bothered to roll the window down.

Those same sources stated that Alabama's coaches went the extra mile, sharing extra milk bones, going on extensive walks through the Cotton District, as well as lots of ball time in the park. Simply put, they outworked MSU's staff, and that shows up in tonight's decision.

Although signing day isn't until tomorrow, Bully has already hung an Alabama flag in his kennel at the vet school. The Mississippi State vet school, that is, which is an even crueler irony as the Bulldogs are left Bulldogless on the eve of National Signing Day.