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MSU News & Notes | Friday, April 5, 2013

Taking a look at goings-on from around the world of MSU sports on a beautiful Friday.

Progress is really starting to take shape in the north endzone of Davis Wade Stadium
Progress is really starting to take shape in the north endzone of Davis Wade Stadium
Scott Stricklin's Instagram (stricklinmsu)

Hello friends. In the midst of a two week study binge in preparation for a very important test, I originally decided that I would be FWtCT-free for two weeks, until after I took the test. But a man needs a break here and there, and frankly I was getting tired of Metal Building Dawg calling me in the middle of the night with Journey's "Open Arms" blaring in the background.

So I'm back, if only to give you brief news and notes and then my nose goes directly back into the large book that it has called home recently.

  • It is again time for the MSU baseball team to go out and take on a conference opponent, and this weekend, it's the always tough Florida Gators on the schedule. Florida come to Starkville a weekend after taking down Ole Miss at home - a result that I'd say surprised most after a bit of a rough start to the season for the very young Gators. This is a dangerous and very important series for State, as the Bulldogs have played three close series so far in-conference against top 15 teams, losing all three. Florida is getting better as the season progresses, so this could be a tougher task than many think. State frankly needs a series win here, if only to maybe get the team on a roll heading into the back half of the schedule. Here's the deets on this weekend's action.
  • Speaking of baseball, there is an update to the HailState app on your iPhones that will now allow you to watch certain games on your device through the app. Pretty sweet, as it says that the app will stream live for 9 of the final 13 home games on MSU's schedule for this season. May be worth it for some of us that don't get to make it up for many games (or are stuck at a wedding rehearsal dinner and the bride's cousin just.won't.shut.up). Also, hopefully your carrier has good service where you are wanting to watch the game




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  • Like what you see progress-wise in the picture above? Things seem to be moving along quite nicely on the Davis Wade expansion project, especially in the north endzone, as seen here in the aerial shot provided today by Scott Stricklin via instagam. All indications so far have been that construction will be to the point to where students will be able to use the endzone next fall, while construction continues onwards and upwards towards the August 2014 deadline.
  • The latest Bulldog update from Stricklin gives details on seating for the spring game relative to construction as well, as well as touching on other events that will be going on around campus three weekends from now.
  • ICYMI yesterday: if you are being recruited by MSU football, chances are you are gonna get a "can of swag" letter soon. You hope, at least.
  • I missed this earlier in the week, but it looks like MSU will play UT-Martin in 2014. If things hold up, they should be quarterbacked for that game by Dylan Farve, the former MSU/PRCC QB.
  • Also earlier in the week, ESPN reported that former Notre Dame QB Gunner Kiel -- the same one Les Miles said didn't have the "chest" to play in the SEC -- is looking at a few specific schools, a list that includes both MSU and Ole Miss. Now, there are already rumors on sixpack and other places that Kiel has visited Starkville, but that has yet to be reported anywhere yet that I've seen. Would State take Kiel? Absolutely. He's a 5-star talent who has the frame and football knowledge to be great. Does he fit the Dan Mullen system? Not perfectly, as he's more pro-style than run-option. But Tyler Russell has made it work, and Kiel could too. At minimum, he could provide solid depth. I just don't see him beating out Dak Prescott while Prescott is in town.
  • A neat story on the pre-game handshake at the 1963 MSU-Loyola basketball game -- you know, the "game of change" we've talked about some recently, and how it changed things in America. Never tire of reading about that game and the events surrounding it. We should all be proud of it, basically as long as we live.
  • That's all I have for today, folks. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and hopefully we'll be back on the winning side of things on Monday with MSU baseball.

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