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Former Penn State QB Bench chooses South Florida over MSU

PSU quarterback Steven Bench chose USF over Mississippi State as his new home for the 2013-2014 season.

Former PSU QB Steven Bench chooses USF over MSU
Former PSU QB Steven Bench chooses USF over MSU

Steven Bench decides to make the University of South Florida his new home after deciding to venture off from PSU in hopes of finding a starting position elsewhere. Bench had his search narrowed down to several southern universities, including Mississippi State University and North Carolina State. Many suspected that Bench might choose MSU, with some space on the depth chart behind rising senior Tyler Russell and rising sophomore Dak Prescott, but ultimately, Bench decided to head to Tampa to play for the USF Bulls and new head coach Willie Taggart.

The announcement was made via Bench's Twitter account on May 23rd. Freshman Steven Bench played in two games for the Nittany Lions and has high hopes that he will secure a starting position for the USF Bulls.