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Cowbells approved for Mississippi State's season opener in Houston

It looks like maroon and white faithful making the trip to Houston to watch MSU take on Oklahoma State will be able to bring their CLANGA with them.


Frankly I had all but assumed that cowbells would not be allowed when MSU takes on Oklahoma State next month at Reliant Stadium, but today is further evidence that you should never assume (a** out of u, me, etc.). Earlier today, MSU Athletics Director Scott Stricklin shared the news with the MSU faithful that fans traveling to the game would, in fact, be permitted to bring their cowbells with them:

The news is obviously good for MSU fans, and not so good for the fans of the fighting T. Boone Pickens', who will no doubt now have their cheers tempered with the beautiful sounds of CLANGA.

Here's the response from the Oklahoma State AD:

"We [CLANGA] aren't very [CLANGA] about this update, but as our coach is a [CLANGA], and is 40, we will press [CLANGA] in the pursuit of victory [CLANGA CLANGA] beautiful venue [CLANGA CLANGA] game."*

*NOTE: not a real quote

For any Oklahoma State fans who come by, here's a decent preview of what to expect sound wise (possibly):