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Reliant Stadium, home of MSU's season opener, gets gigantic new video boards

State themselves got a nice, big new board a few seasons ago, but nothing in comparison to what the Texans just constructed.

See that video board flanked by ads at the top? Yeah, that's all video board now
See that video board flanked by ads at the top? Yeah, that's all video board now
Thomas B. Shea

It's no secret that State fans love their video boards big. In the summer of 2008, just before the disaster that was the grand finale of the Croom era took place, Athletics Director Greg Byrne announced that MSU's Davis Wade Stadium was getting a brand spanking new video board, to be placed in the south endzone just in front of the M Club. The details were astonishing:

When completed, the new board will measure 152 feet wide by 135 feet, 6 inches tall, with a main HD screen 111 feet wide by 47 feet high. It will be the largest true high definition board in the Southeastern Conference.

And since its completion, State fans have gotten plenty of use out of it, and have gotten used to having a gigantic video board for their in-game visual needs.

Even so, they may still be taken aback by what they see at Reliant Stadium two Saturday's from tomorrow.

Reliant Stadium, the home of the NFL's Houston Texans and the site of MSU's Texas Classic opener in two weeks, unveiled earlier this week a brand new set of video boards. And it turns out that those boards are proof positive of hte old saying "everything's bigger in Texas."

Here are the details on the newly installed giants of video:

The video screens are 14,549 square feet and sit on opposite ends of the field. Including live action video, the displays will also showcase sponsors and highlight fantasy football statistics. [...] The displays are large enough to fit 320 JJ Watts across the screen or 280 life-sized horses. [...] The new video boards cost close to $16 million of taxpayer money to install, but Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said it was well worth the investment.

Good gracious, that's a lot of JJ Watts.

If everything goes well, State fans in attendance for Labor Day Weekend's opener will get to watch replay after replay of a good football game between Okie State and the Bulldogs on those behemoth boards.

Or they very well could be watching our 2013 season quickly unravel at the hands of Mike Gundy, but we certainly hope it's the former.