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MSU News & Notes - April 23, 2014 | Governor's Cup, RPI, the SEC Network, and more

After a brief hiatus, MSU News & Notes is back with updates on 'crootin, baseball, the SEC Network, and more.

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After taking last week off to meditate and really consider all that life has to offer, I decided to come back strong this week to hang out with you meatheads and share my finite knowledge of sports, links and decent fart jokes and music with you.  Okay, so if we're being honest I am not great at any of those four.  But nevertheless, I am "who's coming through that door," as they say, so sit back, relax, and enjoy some News & Notes for your hump day.

[Editor's Note: I am a tinkerer by nature, so it is only natural that - after seemingly settling into a post style and layout for our links posts - I now want to change it up some.  I've seen other great templates at RCR and Viva the Matadors, so I may take some elements and add them to what we're doing here.  We'll see how it goes.  Whatever happens, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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Rea's Two-RBI Double Lifts MSU To Governor's Cup Win -

MSU's offense continued to slowly work its way out of hibernation, as did the big bear Wes Rea, who put together a nice two-hit, two-RBI game last night to help lead MSU to an 8-3 win over Ole Miss in the Governor's Cup.  The Bulldogs evened the season series with Ole Miss with the win, and more importantly gained some RPI-boosting points in the process.

WATCH: Mississippi State defeats Ole Miss for the Governor's Cup - Clarion Ledger

MSU gets huge RPI boost with Governor's Cup Win - Ben Wait

MSU's top-10 RPI really helped State out last night, as the Bulldogs need to seize every high-RPI win opportunity they have remaining from here on out.  The Holy Cross losses are killing the Bulldogs, as is the Arizona showing, but if MSU can finish out with some good wins over the likes of Tennessee and Alabama, then that could go a long way towards helping that ranking continue to creep up to where it needs to be.

Ex-Haughton star Dak Prescott fueling expectations at Mississippi State - Shreveport Times

You'll continue to see more and more of this as the summer creeps closer and we are in the dog-days where no sports (other than MLB, lol) are going on and everyone is writing fluff pieces.  Don't get me wrong, this article is definitely worth the read and Dak is definitely deserving of all of the praise he's been receiving.  I'm just giving everyone fair warning that this summer will undoubtedly be the summer of Dak Prescott fluff pieces (That's not saying that we won't participate either, although I'll probably contribute more by making shotty Batman-Dak .GIFs).

The MSU-centric SEC Network advertisement is all about the Left Field Lounge - FWtCT

Yesterday we got a look at the new MSU clip promoting the SEC Network, which is set to launch in August and still amazingly has not been picked up by DirecTV because well they just do not want my money anymore.  Seriously, I can see a lot of subs getting cancelled come August in the south if this network is not a part of their programming.

Each school got one of these commercials yesterday, and OF COURSE MSU's is centered around Left Field Lounge.  I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  Not that they asked me!

ESPN visits the Left Field Lounge - HailState Beat

Bobby C. chronicled the ESPN visit to LFL over a month ago that culminated in yesterday's SEC Network commercial release for State, so now's a good time to go back and read up on what went on behind the scenes in order to put together MSU's clip.  Also of note from the LFL bit:

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Ranking all 14 SEC Network school ads, from basketball to DAMMIT, BAMA -

Like the little kid in Big Daddy, Bama wins at everything, dangit.

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Bonus Tweet because I missed this on Monday:

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