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MSU News & Notes | Friday, April 4, 2014

A quick news and notes today on Brandon Holloway, MSU's weekend series with LSU, A big event leaves Annandale, and WEED MAYOR FOR JACKSON 2K14.

A quick news and notes this morning.  Hope you guys are staying dry out there this a.m.


Speedster Holloway returns to Mississippi State backfield | Clarion Ledger

Brandon Holloway in the backfield is exciting to think about, but it's clear he still has some learning to do.  If he gets his blocking and other basics down, though, this is going to be really fun to watch.

No. 9 Bulldogs Travel to Top-10 LSU For Critical SEC Showdown |

Bulldogs, Tigers - One of the SEC's best baseball rivalries resumes tonight (maybe) in Baton Rouge.  It now looks like Aaron Nola and Ross Mitchell will square off, which should be a fun matchup to watch.  State hasn't taken a series against LSU period since 2006, when they won in Baton Rouge.


Ole Miss, Vanderbilt to play at LP Field | Clarion Ledger

Sure, because why wouldn't you move this game to a larger field since Vandy can barely sell out its 40k stadium?  This essentially means Vanderbilt is betting that Ole Miss will bring, oh, about 40k alone for this fall's matchup.  Should be interesting, and it seems that Vandy fans aren't too happy about it.

Tourney leaving Annandale for Jackson | Clarion Ledger

That's rough to see for Annandale, that has no doubt already been struggling since Reunion came to the neighborhood years back.  The tournament moves to Jackson Country Club starting this year, and it feels like it will probably head to Reunion after that.  Tough, tough break for the staple country club of the 463 area.

Mississippi Mayoral Hopeful Unveils Weaponized-Cannabis Platform

Surely you've seen this video by now, but if you haven't it's our featured video for today's notes (make sure you watch all the way to the end):

Have a great Maroon Friday folks, and Hail State!