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MSU News & Notes | Wednesday, April 9, 2014

UNIFORMS, UNIFORMS, UNIFORMS, baseball wins, Super Bulldog Weekend, and more.

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There's a good bit to discuss as we move one morning closer to Super Bulldog Weekend this morning.  Let's dive right into today's news and notes:


Armstrong Walks Off A Winner On Wild Pitch In Pearl -

Mississippi State tried at times last night to NOT win the game - the Bulldogs stranded 11 runners through 11 innings - but the good news is that the Bulldogs came out victorious anyways over Southern Miss at Trustmark Park Tuesday night, securing a 4-3 victory on Derrick Armstrong taking home on a wild pitch.

Speaking of Armstrong - please give that man a permanent spot in the lineup for the rest of the year.  Derrick has more than proven his worth as a fixture in this lineup, and I would be willing to argue that it is at the top of the lineup where struggling Jake Vickerson still sits.  Derrick has been on fire for the last month or so, and with 11 stolen bases, he's a perfect fit for the leadoff spot.  We will see if he gets the chance.  Also, good lord Gavin Collins.  He and Armstrong have been the constants lately in this offense, with Armstrong providing the wheels and Collins providing the power.  Add Collins to the "should start for the rest of the year" list beside Derrick.

As for pitching, the story of the game to me was another strong outing for Brandon Woodruff, who seems to be building his way back towards a weekend starting spot in the rotation.  That's great news for MSU, as Woodruff is a tremendously talented pitcher who just needed to get things figured out.  It appears he may have.  Sure, Jacob Lindgren and Jonathan Holder had strong showings Tuesday night too, but you expected that from them.  Holder got the win to move to 3-1, as the Dogs moved to 21-13 overall on the season.  The evil empire in red and blue awaits for this weekend.

Mississippi State Football Uniforms 2014: New unis leaked online early, look great - FWtCT

Literally about two or three hours after MSU teased new uniforms to be unveiled Thursday, they leaked, and it spread like wildfire across the MSU interwebs.  The good news for State is that the overwhelming response, at least that I've seen, has been very positive, as the uniforms give off a vibe of the late 90s uniforms that were loved.  The official release comes Thursday, but you can see the uni in full at the link above (even though you probably already have).

MSU Baseball getting new unis too?

Just after MSU teased the new football unis they teased these for baseball, which look like some sort of fantastic throwback uniform to me.  Our friend Bob Carskadon hinted that both baseball and football were getting alternate uniforms, aka they won't be worn every game, so we will see what shakes out on Thursday.  Speaking of Bob...

A weekend of rivalry and revelry in Baton Rouge for MSU-LSU baseball - HailState Beat

I doubt I have to tell you this if you follow MSU sports, but Bob is an excellent writer.  And his latest work may be one of his best, as he chronicles what a weekend road trip to Baton Rouge is like.  If you haven't already, set aside 15-20 minutes of your day today and read this.  It's well worth it.

Bulldog Banter -

The MSU basketball newsletter is out, and this one features a great read on former MSU great Jeff Malone.  Check it out.

Is rapper Drake an MSU fan?

If you know rap music and you've been watching the Final Four, you know that Drake was a Kentucky fan for about 15 minutes, that is before he switched over to UConn's side after they won it all Monday night.  With his propensity for following only successful teams, is there a chance that he was an MSU fan last summer when we were the hottest thing going?  We investigate further today at noon.

Bulldogs Complete Comeback To Win Back-To-Back Old Waverly Collegiate Championships -

State's golf team shot an outstanding 13 under par in the final two days of the Old Waverly Collegiate Championship to come back and win the tournament.  Great showing guys!

Spring football practice update -


Hoops official: We ignored MHSAA directive to give Vanderbilt recruit star treatment - Clarion Ledger

Yeah, this can't be good at all.  Serious allegations levied against the MHSAA

Tim Tebow helps veteran on a mission - Clarion Ledger

ESPN's favorite former NFL QB was in town last night speaking for a good cause.

Hump Day Hits

This song was on an episode of The Walking Dead, and it's been stuck in my head since I watched that episode.  Good stuff.