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Video of Les Miles' initiation into becoming LSU's coach leaked to FWtCT

In video never seen before anywhere, For Whom the Cowbell Tolls shares with you the ritual all new LSU coaches must go through, and how Les initially resisted. WARNING: this post is graphic to those who cannot handle violence against corndogs.


[the video starts as the LSU board of regents is convening just prior to naming Les Miles as the new head football coach at LSU.  The entire board is assembled; even Toshimi Boudreaux, on oil business in east Asia, has video conferenced in to attend the meeting]

[Meeting begins]

Board President: "Alright Les, we're more than glad to welcome you into as the new coach here at LSU.  We've agreed on everything, the only thing left to do is "the right of the corndeauxg"

Les: "Oh, oh I'm sorry fellas, but I don't eat corn dogs.  Never have."

BP: "Les, I'm sorry, but it's a tradition that has been passed down since the beginning of Louisiana State Football.  Every coach must partake of the corndog."

LM: "We'll I'm sorry guys, I had no clue.  I just never cared for them.  Grass, sure.  A lovely frittata?  Any day of the week when it's sunny.  But I've just never had the urge for a corndog."

[The president sees that they're at a stalemate, so he goes to plan B.]

BP: "Hey, um, Tommy, can you call in the Joker? Thanks."

[Joker appears, laughing in typical sinister manner]

Joker: "Why, hello there, Lesssssssssssss.  Do you like magic tricks?"

Les: "Magic tricks?! Why, yes sir I sure do! Loved them ever since I got that David Copperfield box set when I was in college and even more when I learned all the tricks last fall. "

Joker: "Well Les, why don't you come over here and let me show you how I make this corndog disappear."

Les Miles joker corndog trick .GIF