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Rick Ray suspends two janitors indefinitely for violation of team rules

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The janitor suspension leaves the cleanup crew shorthanded for Saturday's post game cleanup following the Vanderbilt game.


Associated Pressed - Starkville, Mississippi - It's no secret that the 2012-13 basketball season has been a rough one in Starkville, Mississippi, and today, it got just a little bit rougher.

Mississippi State head basketball coach Rick Ray has indefinitely suspended two janitors from the Humphrey Coliseum cleanup crew, the school announced in a statement this morning to members of the local media. Both janitors go unnamed due to a union stipulation in their contracts.

The move comes just days after coach Ray suspended one of the Hump's pregame caterers for two games for violation of team rules. Ray wouldn't go into specifics, but a source indicated to FWtCT that a lack of spice in the taco bar's meat selection was the reasoning for the suspension. The news of the suspended janitors came off to many as quite shocking, as we haven't been able to confirm yet if Ray actually has any direct authority over the janitorial staff.

"I was just mopping the floors in the Mize Pavilion when coach Ray asked me to come in his office", said Janitor A, who spoke to FWtCT on the condition of anonymity. "The next thing I know I was suspended for a violation of team rules, and I ain't even on the team!". "He wouldn't even let me finish in the gym. Man, there was sweat and stink everywhere."

The move leaves MSU dangerously close to the four man minimum limit for cleanup following the upcoming Vanderbilt game on Saturday evening. Should MSU not be able to field a full janitorial staff, there is talk that they may reach out to a contract cleaning crew, sources with knowledge of the situation told FWtCT.

There is not yet indication as to whether or not the Humphrey Coliseum cleanup crew will still compete in this springs Janitor Jamboree in April.

More on this story as updates come in.

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