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Tim Brewster Tweets: An MSU fan reviews before and after he leaves Starkville

In hindsight, maybe some of those tweets weren't as awesome as we thought they were.

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There's no denying it, college sports -- more specifically, college football -- is like a drug. We feed off of it each fall, barely making it from December back to the next September by tiding ourselves over on previews and countdowns. Often times among specific fanbases, we tend to immortalize some of our players and staff -- picturing them as shining examples of perfection, both in life, and in their work on the field. But what if that wasn't true? What if they're just normal people like us, capable of stupid decisions and putting on their pants one leg at a time? What if we've let the drug mask their imperfections and mortality from us?

We now, following Tim Brewster's leaving MSU for Tallahassee, suspect him to be more human that he first appeared. When Brewster came on last year, he was immediately held in high regard amongst the MSU fanbase -- known for his fiery attitude and recruiting prowess. We marveled as he helped Chad Bumphis break MSU recieving records. We praised him as he blazed the recruiting trails, going from town to town to sign up new Bulldogs. But that was all before he left -- before he decided to move on to greener pastures in Tallahassee. To the MSU fanbase, we now see him for what he really is -- just a man. A man who coaches tight ends, recruits, and uses quite a lot of exclamation points. So, since we now know that he is but a man, maybe we should go back and review some of those tweets that we thought were so awesome before, when we were under his mystical spell.

Tweet 1: Tim Bewster, Family Man

How we viewed before: Man! That Tim Brewster is not only the best coach around, he's a down home family man! I knew I liked the cut of his cloth. He's the kind of example and man we need associated with our program.

How we view now: I kind of imagine him typing this with a huge grin on his face -- like one so big it hurts. Then his wife asks him what he's typing, and he yells the sentences back to her. I only remember him by his tweets, and since he used a lot of exclamation points, I assume he yells a lot, like Dave Chappelle in the Sam Jackson beer commercial.

Tweet 2: The Accusation

How we viewed before: Oh man! Coach just did it! Now everyone's gonna know that Kiffin is out of Oxford on his way to Dallas! They're recruiting class will fall apart now!!!

How we view now: Man, the irony here is so thick you could cut it and serve it for breakfast. Looking back, that really was a jerk-ish tweet.

Tweet 3: The eagle has landed?

How we viewed before: Yes!!!!!!! Coach is going to talk to Tony Conner! I just know we're gonna reel TC on in!

How we view now: Okay, this is just crazy. Everyone knows there's nowhere good to eat in Batesville.

Tweet 4: Hail Sate

How we viewed before: That's not spelled quite right coach but I feel you! Hail State indeed and come on down whichever big recruit we just landed!!!

How we view now: Might want to work on that spelling, coach. They're pretty big into academics in the ACC.

Tweet 5: Sacred Ground

How we viewed before: Heck yeah man, coach loves MSU baseball just like the rest of us. He really is a man of the people, and he sure loves MSU. I bet he'll be here for quite awhile!!!


/slams computer

//slowly starts to weep

///cracks open a bud ice tall boy

////cranks Open Arms