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There is only one man for the Mississippi State offensive coordinator job #Favre4OC

Touchdowns. Blue jean endorsement money. Winning. Picture messages. More touchdowns. If you hate any of these, then you might not want Brett Favre as the new MSU offensive coordinator. I do.

outstanding photo via @KyleWrather

As most have heard by now, Mississippi State has a new vacancy at the offensive coordinator position. MSU OC and QBs coach Les Koenning has agreed to join Charlie Strong's Texas staff as Wide Receivers coach, which leaves MSU searching for a new OC less than one month before National Signing Day, and less than eight months before the 2014 season kicks off. While I'm sure you'll see plenty of names ranging from up-and-coming to been-there-done-that floated around this week, there is only one name that stands out above all others as the best candidate for the MSU OC job:

Brett Lorenzo Favre.

There should be no question as to why Brett is the best man for the job, but just in case you need some catching up on Mr. Favre's accomplishment's and qualities, here is a list of them, just for you:

  • Won state his senior year as the offensive coordinator for Oak Grove last season
  • His beard game is in mid-season form, and as the baseball team proved last year, beards=guaranteed success.
  • He is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL and the earth.
  • Would be an awesome QBs coach.  Can throw a ball clear over any mountain within six miles.
  • My aunt's cousin's half-brother's best friend's nephew's sister-in-law's ex-boyfriend once saw Brett in a skybox at Davis Wade while nephew Dylan was playing at MSU, so he has some familiarity with the stadium.
  • Typically ranks at or near the top annually among offensive coordinators nationwide in blue jean endorsement deals.
  • Is from a town commonly called "The Kill", which pretty much guarantees he'd be a hard nosed coach with a killer instinct.
  • He has some familiarity with text messaging and sending picture messages, so he could relate to the kids these days in recruiting.
  • He is Brett Favre.

I think I've made my case.  All that is left is for Coach Mullen to make the right decision here.