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In 1990, Gadsden (AL) Sports Columnist Ben Thomas Was A Scrooge

The 1990 edition of the Gadsden Times featured a little bah-humbug to many a sports teams from local sports reporter Ben Thomas.

December 24, 1990 Gadsden Times

Today is Christmas Eve - a day that usually is filled with quality time spent with family, well wishes to all, and a general sense of good tidings towards all men we come across.

For Gadsden Times sports writer Ben Thomas, though, good cheer and well wishes were the last thing on his mind when he wrote this 1990 sports column about Christmas presents.


(click picture to embiggen)

Thomas seems to be quite intent on wishing nearly every sports team, athlete, and commissioner he can think of the worst present ever in a thinly veiled attempt at sarcasm. Thomas even made swipes at Auburn AND Alabama! And he lives in Gadsden! He must be a UAB fan (yes, there are those).

I'd bet Thomas got coal in his stocking that Christmas, and not that Wilson Phillips album he was hoping for.