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12 Days of MSU History for Christmas, Day 11: The 1908 team says "What do you know about that?"

As we countdown the final days leading up to Christmas, we thought it would be fun to give our readers a gift each day, much along the lines of the "12 days of Christmas". Each day from now until Christmas morning, we'll have a little present wrapped in Mississippi State history, tucked under the tree for you to open. Hope you enjoy!

1908 wasn't the greatest year in the early history of the MIssissippi A&M football program, as the Fred Furman-led Aggies suffered four defeats to just three wins on the season. One of the highlights of that season though was a 44-6 trouncing of rival Ole Miss in the eighth edition of the newborn rivalry.

1908 football team

As a part of that big win over 100 years ago, we have this artifact: A photograph taken of the victorious Aggies. It's quite interesting to see the uniforms, sizes, and other attributes of football way back then, but what I found most interesting was the inscription on the bottom of the picture. It reads: "The team that beat U-of-M 44 to 6 on Thanks-- What do you know about that?"

Well, what do you know about that? That's right folks. Long before TI ever made the phrase famous with his 2005 hit, the 1908 team was pondering the same question.

Photograph used with permission courtesy of the Mississippi State University Libraries, University Archives.

You can find this great history and a whole lot more at the MSU library's website. Also make sure you check out the Reveille collection, the University Archives Digital Collections, and you can also give the Library a follow on Twitter as well.