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NCAA suspends MSU F Fred Thomas one game... for playing in a charity basketball game

If the NCAA isn't profiting from a game that a student athlete is playing in, then they dang sure aren't going to let some charity benefit!


The NCAA isn't making too many friends these days.  I won't list all of the reasons, because well we'd be here from now until the time that MSU kicks off against Texas A&M tomorrow at 2:30. The reasons are also well documented, but I wanted to make all of you aware of the latest idiocy concocted by the minions working for Mark Emmert.

Some that kept up with tonight's MSU season opener -- a game that the Bulldogs would win 71-56 by the way -- may have noticed that Jackson native and sophomore Fred Thomas was not playing. Welp, turns out that our favorite flat-topped player was suspended by the NCAA for one game... for playing in a charity basketball game this past summer. No, I'm serious:

While kids everywhere are (probably) on the take all over the country in shady AAU programs and other corners of college basketball that the NCAA would rather assume don't exist, the NCAA is busy suspending a kid for playing in a game that was for charity.  Now, the last time I checked, charity was a GOOD thing, but I guess when you belong to the NCAA, they don't want you playing for anyone, ANYTIME when they aren't profiting off of it. And you thought you could get away with it, silly charitable Fred Thomas!

Seriously NCAA, it's time to just pack up and quit pretending like you still are good for anything but making us scratch our heads.