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Geoff Collins, MSU officially agree to two year extension worth $1.2 million

The long-awaited deal is finally in place for Collins to stay in Starkville.

Mississippi State University |

After a weekend full of rumors of both his courting by Florida State and an offered deal from Mississippi State, it appears that Geoff Collins is finally and officially set to remain in Starkville.

Mississippi State University announces this afternoon that defensive coordinator Geoff Collins has agreed to a two-year contract extension with the school.  The deal, which was finally hinted to this morning and made official just a short while ago, guarantees Collins $1.2 million over the next two seasons.  The breakdown is as follows, courtesy of Bob Carskadon:

After a successful 2013 defensive campaign -- one that saw State's defense improve greatly in its final four games --, many openly expressed a need to give Collins a contract extension and a raise to keep the fast rising coach at MSU.  After the news of him being an FSU candidate made its rounds this past weekend, it seems that the already-in-play process of getting Collins his raise and extension was expedited, and the deal is finally done today.

The news is a great relief to State fans, as I think we all expected Collins to be tempted to leave for the 2013 National Champion Noles.  Now it looks like he'll be in Starkville for at least a little while longer, which is great news.

In addition to the news of Collins' extension, the official release states that "Contract adjustments for the remainder of the MSU coaching staff are expected to be announced in the near future".  That could allude to a number of assistant coaches on the staff, including Billy Gonzales, who is rumored to be a candidate to move up into the vacant offensive coordinator position.  We should have official word on who will be getting raises and who may be moving up soon.