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Cowbells make their way into this year's NCAA Football 2014 video game

The sound of cowbells along with the Maroon-White cheer have been big additions to the latest edition of the game.

Butch Dill

One of the coolest things to me about the latest edition of our favorite video game obsession is the inclusion (finally) of cowbells when playing at Davis Wade Stadium.

Last night, after I finished up simulating and actually sat down to play a game, I immediately noticed the joyous ringing sound in the intro video when I was playing a home game with State on Scott Field. Even though it's a very minor edition on the overall surface, for State fans that play the game, it's a pretty neat addition to a game we already can't get enough of.

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When you combine the cowbells with the Maroon-White cheer, it's a pretty awesome sound, because it literally sounds like you are at an actual State game. Well done, EA Sports, well done.

CLANGA on, my brothers and sisters.

[NOTE: As the NCAA will not allow EA Sports to compensate any cowbell student-athletes, the sounds you hear in the game are only the LIKENESSES of cowbells, not actual cowbells]

[edit to add: I should note that cowbells only appear at the onset of a game during the coin toss, not throughout. That was a bit disappointing, but I guess small steps. One can hope that by next year, EA Sports will have the cowbells included throughout the game, but only during dead ball and between quarters. Because WE ALL KNOW WE WOULD NEVER RING THEM DURING LIVE PLAY.]