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A look at jerseys and Davis Wade Stadium on NCAA Football 2014

Finally, someone tackles the important issues for a sports video game: FASHION.

Quick: what's the last thing on earth that you care about when you start playing NCAA Football?

Jerseys? Good, because that's exactly what I'm about to talk about.

No, but in all seriousness, sometimes (literally never) there is some interest in what jerseys are available for our favorite teams on the game, so I thought I'd give you guys the chance to take a look at this year's threads.

Overall, everything appears to be the same, except for what I would consider one major addition. Last year, in a late arriving expansion pack (for $ale), EA Sports gave us the "Snow Bowl" and Egg Bowl jerseys to use in the game. The only problem with that was that long after you purchased this nice little addition, you found out that what they were calling the "Snow Bowl" jerseys was basically the all white jersey with a gray trim. There was no hypnobully helmet, which was probably the biggest focal point for that new uniform set. Thankfully, EA Sports made sure hypnobully got included in this year's game, as you can see above, so all is well in my world (and all is far from well in the world of alternative jersey conspiracy theorists).

As for Davis Wade, well not much has changed from previous versions of the game. I had some outside hopes that they might include "under construction" shots of the north endzone in this year's game, but that appears to have not made the cut. And again, for like the 500th year since it was constructed, the jumbotron sits atop the M Club. Overall, the feel of Davis Wade is made a bit cooler by the fact that cowbells were included in this year's edition, but the fact that they don't ring throughout the game is a bit disappointing. My hope is that that will make it into next year's game.