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EA Sports NCAA Football '14 Simulation: Mississippi State vs. Troy

This week's sim post won't be as detailed as past weeks or with as many pictures, but IT'S STILL IMPORTANT,.... right?

EA NCAA Football

I'll apologize in advance for the abbreviated nature of this week's NCAA Football sim. Normally I'd try to include for you guys and girls shots of the stats and game results, but this week, you're just going to have to trust that I'm telling the truth (and that I didn't simulate the game 32 times to get the outcome that I wanted!).

I'm pleased to say that on the digital field, Mississippi State emerged victorious over the Trojans, 31-17. State was able to use two first half touchdown passes from Dak Prescott to take a 14-7 lead into halftime. After the half, it was all MSU, as Josh Robinson tacked on a TD run, followed by a Jameon Lewis TD grab from Prescott.

Team Stats
  • 18 first downs
  • 432 yards total offense
  • 158 yards rushing
  • 274 yards passing
  • 7-16 (43%) 3rd down conversions
  • 2-2 (100%) 4th down conversions (seriously, has this game been watching this season?)
  • 2 turnovers (1 fumble, 1 INT)
  • Troy held to 96 rushing yards
  • Defense holds Corey Robinson to just 17 of 40 passing for 254 yards
Passing Stats
  • Dak Prescott | 17 for 31, 274 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 INT, 54% completions, long of 45 yards
Rushing Stats
  • Josh Robinson | 16 rushes, 71 yards, 1 TD
  • Dak Prescott | 12 rushes, 20 yards
Receiving Stats
  • Jameon Lewis | 4 receptions, 120 yards, 1 TD
  • Robert Johnson | 3 receptions, 56 yards
  • Jeremey Chappelle | 2 receptions, 42 yards, 1 TD
Defensive Stats
  • Deonte Skinner | 7 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 sack
  • P.J. Jones | 6 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 sack
  • Jamerson Love | 5 tackles, 1 INT

Overall, I don't think that's a result we can really complain about. Sure, State didn't run the ball as well as you'd like, but it seems that on the game that is often times the case. Prescott seemed to move the ball around plenty through the air, and other than two touchdowns, the defense held the Trojans pretty well in check for the entire game.

I'd imagine we see a higher scoring game than this on Saturday, but I wouldn't mind that point separation, although admittedly I'd like it to be another touchdown or two between us and Troy when the real game takes place.