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EA Sports NCAA Football '14 Simulation: Mississippi State vs. Alcorn State

Let's take a look at how MSU fared on the digital field this week with Dak Prescott at QB against FCS SOUTHEAST, I mean Alcorn State.

After a disappointing week 1 loss -- both on the field and on the digital field, Mississippi State's digital warriors set back out this week to see if they could right the ship and move to 1-1 against Alcorn State FCS Southeast.

I'm here to tell you fans that State WAS able to come out on top, as Prescott, LaDarius Perkins and Malcolm Johnson teamed up to defeat the Braves 34-10.

You can see all the stats in the screenshots above, from Prescott's 191 yards and 2 TDs through the air, to Preston Smith's 10 tackles and two tackles for loss.

Let's hope for similar (if not better) results tomorrow as the real Bulldogs take on the Braves at 2:30 at Davis Wade Stadium.