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1941 Baltimore newspaper confuses MSU for Ole Miss in Orange Bowl headline

Mississippi State beat Georgetown? Ah, Mississippi is close enough...


It appears that the phenomena of confusing Mississippi's two largest public universities and rivals isn't just a recent thing. Turns out, even in 1941 the media was having a hard time keeping the two teams straight.

In the above pictured headline following MSU's 14-7 Orange Bowl victory over Georgetown, it appears that the Baltimore News-Post didn't quite get the headline straight. Sure, it's flattering to have MSU's big bowl win displayed prominently at the top of the front page, but it'd be better if it was the right team there. Those crafty rebels are probably revising their bowl history to include the win as we speak.

What's funny is that you can see down on the bottom right that they got it right with "Miss State", yet missed the State is ominously missing in two larger locations above.

Or maybe they just couldn't afford the space for the five extra letters.

check out the full photo here, via 00Dawg on sixpackspeak.