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An early look at 2015 Tupelo wide receiver prospect Jarvis Wilson

Jarvis Wilson, a 2015 wide receiver prospect, tells FWtCT where his recruitment stands very early in the process.

While it will be February of 2015 before Jarvis Wilson can officially sign an LOI with the school of his choosing, he is guy that you should familiarize yourself with if you follow recruiting in Mississippi. Wilson is 6-2 180 pound wide receiver from Tupelo, MS (Tupelo High School).

Wilson will only be a junior this season for the Golden Wave of Tupelo and that means he will have two years to show his talents in a spread offense that new Tupelo head coach, Trent Hammond, will install that will feature a formation with five wide receivers for a good amount of the time.

"Things are better (with the coaching change). I feel like now I have a coach I can talk to and really relate to better than before. Also, I have a coach that I feel can really teach me a lot," Wilson said.

Wilson says so far he has noticed two things about the new offensive scheme, it is fast-paced and he will have a lot more balls thrown his way in an offense that is sure to be close to what we have seen from Mike Leach in an offense known as the "air raid."

Standing at 6-2 and around 180 pounds, it is no surprise that Wilson describes himself as a strong, physical receiver. He feels that his size and strength are unquestionably his strengths. Going forward Wilson is working to improve hands and his feet. More specifically, he would like his hands to be better at the line of scrimmage, as far as being able to use his hands to get by the defender at the line of scrimmage and to get early separation. He would like to improve his feet as far as his route running and his ability to start and stop.

To this point, Wilson describes his recruitment as "kind of slow." However, he is only entering his junior season, so that is to be expected. To this point, he has heard from and receives letters from Mississippi State, Southern University, and Akron. He notes that he would love to start hearing from more SEC schools, and he went on to list Ole Miss, Alabama, and that he would like to hear more from Mississippi State. When it comes his time to go through the recruiting process, Wilson says that he would like to weigh his options and take his visits. Even if he receives early offers, he would like to be patient and make sure he makes the right decision. When looking at what is the most important deciding factor, he notes that he would like to play in a spread offense that throws the ball often.

This summer on the camp circuit Wilson plans to attend camps at Ole Miss and Mississippi State in the coming weeks. Speaking of camps, Wilson participated in the Southern Select Combine this past Saturday and was very impressive in 1-on-1s.

"I think I did pretty good, but I wasn't too happy with my 40 time or my shuttle. I have run faster than I did on Saturday and I will try to improve those in these camps I have coming up," Wilson noted.

As for this Fall, Wilson has very specific goals for himself and for his team.

"I would like to get to 1,000 yards receiving and at least 50 to 60 catches. As for my goals for my team, I just want to win a state championship," Wilson said.

Wilson has set high standards for himself and with his skill set, in the exciting offense he will be playing in this Fall, I would not be surprised to see him reach or even exceed the goals he has set for himself.

My take on Jarvis Wilson

While it is very early in his recruitment, too early to tell just what is going to happen, I think we will see his name start to get more attention based on his performance from Saturday. I also think as he goes to camps at Ole Miss and Mississippi State in the coming weeks, he will see a spike in attention. It is too early to tell right now, but we should be able to tell much more in a couple of weeks, for sure. Stay tuned to FWtCT for more in the recruitment of Jarvis Wilson and all things MSU recruiting.