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SEC Football: Top 5 Wideouts

Today’s game is made for receivers, as this group of five may exceed expectation.

McCowan, Howard lead No. 7 Mississippi State in 80-49 Ole Miss rout

Though it was not coach Vic Schaefer’s ideal start, the Bulldogs ran the rival Rebels out of the building.

Why Nick Fitzgerald is the SEC’s unsung hero

While the SEC is already rich at quarterback, Fitzgerald’s return proves that the rich are indeed becoming richer.

Martinas Rankin drafted 80th Overall by Houston Texans

In dire need of a trusted offensive lineman, they got a great one in Rankin, as he will be protecting quarterback DeShaun Watson

Mississippi State falls to Notre Dame at the buzzer 61-58

Arike Ogunbawle did it again, as the Bulldogs are well familiar with beating the buzzer.

No. 1 Mississippi State vs No. 1 Notre Dame Women’s Championship Preview

The Bulldogs have come this far, as they look to capture their first ever national title.

Mississippi State dances to second straight National Championship, edges Louisville 73-63

The Bulldogs put on a one of a kind show in Columbus, as they are only a game away at 37-1.

Featured Fanshot

Let's Watch AJ Jefferson Destroy a Southern Miss Running Back and Sack Nick Mullens over and over again

Let's just watch AJ Jefferson bring about pure carnage to a passing play over and over again forever. This is just great. Poor little guy just wanted to pickup the blitz :( — SB Nation GIF (@SBNationGIF) September 6, 2015 The quote from Jefferson may be even better... "I didn't even see the running back. I felt him on my leg and I kept rollin'." - AJ Jefferson (gif via @SBNationGIF) — Bob Carskadon (@bobcarskadon) September 6, 2015

This Week in .GIFs: Alabama

Gots to play a team called Bama this week. Gots to win.

Featured Fanshot

Fletcher Cox's sack dance against the Panthers

This Week in .GIFs: Arkansas

Time to eat some pulled pork this weekend. GIF-STYLE!

Featured Fanshot

This Josh Robinson run against Kentucky... My goodness

This Week in .GIFs: Kentucky

The No. 1 team in the country (still sounds strange) travels to Lexington Saturday. Let's get pumped by looking at .GIFs, shall we?

Featured Fanshot


Dakman and Robinson [.GIF]

dananananananananananananan Dakman!

Featured Fanshot

The Chris Jones dance .GIF you didn't know you needed

John Cohen gets tossed against LSU Saturday

MSU's skipper was quite upset about some non-calls for the Bulldogs last night, so he decided he'd like to leave a bit early.

'Swat' Varnado blocks shot, dunks for 76ers [.GIF]

The Mississippi State alum had nine points and six blocks to help the Philadelphia 76ers end a really bad 26-game losing streak tonight.

Geoff Collins Get Money [.GIF]

Get money son.

Rick Ray's post-game celebration dance was great

As the children say, Coach Ray has got the skills to pay the bills.

Another look at Mullen's Peabody pimp walk

I thought that's what I saw, but I wasn't sure...

.GIF sums up how we feel about Croom era

Thank you, woofmaker. Thank you so, so much.

The Dak Knight Rises [.GIF]

Ole Miss Gatorade shower botched dot gif

Just moments after Ole Miss' huge home win over #6 LSU last night, we were all treated to what may have been the worst Gatorade shower attempt ever.

The Bye Week, in .GIFs!

Let us help you navigate this tumultuous bye week, with .GIFs!

Prescott does it himself w/ 75 yard TD run [.GIF]

Dak takes this one to the house to put the Bulldogs up 14-3.

LaDarius Perkins touchdown [.GIF]

It's hard to believe that's Perkins first TD of the season, but it was. LaDarius goes AIR MAIL for the game's first score.

Johnthan Banks one-handed INT [.GIF]

Banks' first ever NFL interception off of Carson Palmer this afternoon was impressive.

How Baker Swedenburg spent time during Troy game

MSU's offense was kind enough to give the hard working MSU punter the night off in last Saturday's 62-7 win over Troy. How did Baker use that time? cristilmethod offers up his best theories.

Jameon Lewis throwback TD pass to Prescott [.GIF]

Here's your .GIF for Jameon Lewis' throwback touchdown pass to Dak Prescott in last night's 62-7 thrashing of Troy.

Jameon Lewis reverse TD [.GIF]

One of the few bright spots on offense was Lewis taking a reverse in for State's first score of the night.

WARNING: Do not stare at the new MSU helmet

Do not fall into the same trap that I have, friends.